in Short Stories

Two Snowflakes

It was snowing. It was quiet and calm, and fluffy snowflakes slowly circled in a bizarre dance, slowly approaching the ground.


Two small snowflakes, flying alongside, started a conversation. They joined hands not to be carried away from each other. And one snowflake said cheerfully:


– What an incredible feeling of flight!
– We don’t fly, we just fall, – ┬áthe second replied sadly.
– Soon we will meet with the earth and turn into a white fluffy veil!
– No, we are flying towards death, and on the ground we will simply be trampled.
– We will become streams and rush to the sea. We will eternally! – said the first.
– No, we will melt and disappear forever, – the second objected to her.


Finally they were tired of arguing.
They opened their hands, and each flew towards the fate that she had chosen.


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