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List of family films to watch in 2017

For our list of family films we have chosen movies Rated G and PG worth seeing. Don’t waste your time on browsing and scrolling. Everything you need is right here!

A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

Our list of family films begins with a dog who is trying to figure out why he exists. He goes through 4 different reincarnated “lives” of various types of dogs, until he ends up finding the boy (now a man) who he was with in his first ‘life’, thus ending with his analysis on what his purpose is. It is seriously the most incredible, heartwarming, lovely movie and all the dog’s are beautiful. This movie will have you crying at least 4 different times, laughing, happy and remembering all of YOUR dogs/pets you’ve ever owned.

I saw this with a focus group and all 6 of us thought it was a 9 or 10, not one person did not like it. All of us-both males and females shed tears, all were emotional. All said they loved it. And afterward all shared stories with each other of their own pets they have had in their lives. Go see this movie. Its beautiful.
Despicable Me 3 (2017)

Once again, Steve Carell proves he’s better at doing CGI voice-overs than he is at live-action comedy.

The movie begins with a retrospective news story about Balthazar Bratt; an ex-child TV star gone bad (Holy Danny Partridge, Batman!). Followed by the super-villainous, middle-aged version going after the world’s biggest diamond in the modern day. When Gru and Lucy fail to capture him, however, it turns out that this is the-third-such disastrous confrontation.

Result: termination of employment with extreme (though non-lethal) prejudice.

The rest of the film is like a cross between Disney’s THE INCREDIBLES and the Ah-nuld/Devito comedy TWINS. Carell does an admittedly good job making Drew appear to be a more naive/less competent version of Old Gru (the villainous one from the first film) simply by using a shriller voice combined with wavy-blond CGI hair! So, who better to help him overcome that handicap than his long-lost brother who once stole the Moon, itself?

Speaking of shrill voices; once again, the Minions are voiced–at higher RPM’s–by French executive producer Pierre Coffin. Although, the sub-plot about their going to prison for loitering and trespassing wasn’t as hilarious as it could have been, I still got a kick out of the French version of that old Gilbert and Sullivan classic, “The Modern Major General.”

I also loved Julie Andrews’ cameo “appearance” as the voice of Gru’s mother (now a cougar-ish dowager). Priceless!

But, of course, what really stole the show (as in the first two films) was the lovability of Little Agnes. This time, on the hunt for a “really live unicorn.”

Add all of the above–plus some STAR WARS and Marx Brothers references– to a toe-tapping, finger-snapping, head-bobbing sound track from the Eighties (back when MTV actually lived up to the name “Music Television”) and you’ve got another winner.

The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)

I’m not sure how anyone can criticize this movie for anything. Its 2 movies in one. The kids see Lego’s with colors, action and subtle lines they understand, but children are more focused on the action and not dialogue. For adults, it is full of Innuendos that keep you laughing non stop. I literally cried from laughing so hard.

So if a movie for a family is entertaining for the kids and makes adults laugh and not look at watch to see “when this is over”, then that’s a 10. No kids here. And my fiancée was like omg, what! When you leave a movie still laughing and repeating lines….10.

Kid tested, parents will hoot!

The Boss Baby (2017)

 It is a cute and creative movie. And really the producers and writers have been in the way of making it that way.

Boss Baby played by Alec Baldwin is a special and different kind of baby. Who talks and is smart. He is there sent to do something with a mission.

Tim who is the 7-year old creative imaginative mind. And he is the love of his parents life until the Boss Baby comes.

And the Boss Baby and Tim of course at first do not get along. But then after learning over on the Boss Baby’s mission and why he was sent back to earth from where he worked for a company.

Both put aside their differences and work to create the goal and plus send the Boss Baby back on his way to the company as he only has a limited amount of time or he will be a real baby.

As Tim and the Boss Baby see the mission as the parents of the two boys, are also involved in the company that they work for and it is only a facade for the real setup.

Meaning they must stop it in time as they feel that the pet store that the parents work for, is not all what it seems and there is a history between the villain and the Boss baby.

Cute movie and very creative.

Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017)

I got to see the advance screening of the move with my kids. I enjoyed the fast pace of the movie and the exciting story line. Kids did not get bored throughout the movie. Unlike some movies that are geared towards boys or girls specifically, this movie entertains both boys and girls. There was no vulgarity in the movie and no unnecessary violence.

This has all the spirit of Peyo. The bad critics are unfair, because they do not see the fact that this is made for the children and the adults that has them in their childhood. This movie has develop Smurfette’s personality and role in the movie; she is more than the pretty girl who has the attention of the rest of Smurfs boys. The new smurfs girls lived in the forbidden forest creating an own culture and tradition that resembles the cult of the natives, which I found it very pleasant. And to end my positive critic, I believe this should go to a new step and make a new TV series of the Smurfs

Cars 3 (2017)

Cars 3 is not like the rest of the Cars movies, though it tries recapture some glory from the first movie. Didn’t mind the new characters, they were interesting in their own way. However, it would have been good to also have some of the old characters in there as well, and not just at the beginning and at the end. Other than that, the story is okay, with some action (though, they could have added some more) and a great twist in the end, that, at least, helped pull the movie out of the cliché pit. Finally, the special effects were nice, with the cars almost looking like real ones, especially at certain scenes, where even the scenery looked real.


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