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How to Be Remembered by Your Children

Modern inventions make us lazy.

Our phones hold all the contact information for whoever we want to stay in touch with, their birthdays and addresses. Our calendars have all the info on our plans, meetings, and holidays. Siri answers all our questions, including time (sometimes it seems likely that we will even forget how to read a clock!), and some companies are already testing cars that drive on auto pilot.

distracted world

Being born before all this happened, adults tend to be more resistant to the new technology, maybe even hostile to it. Wait. What about the kids? They’re born into a world where remembering becomes obsolete. Socrates even worried that simply writing down things would damage the kids’ ability to remember. If only he could see what was going on in the 21st century.

What happened to us? Firstly, there used to be less distractions, less types of entertainment, which now are overflowing. Secondly, improved technology, cars, airplanes, and the Internet have made our lives faster and more intense, which leads to the necessity to multitask to manage everything at once. Naturally, we don’t have to properly remember and process information.

Children Lose Half of the Memories About Family Members Who Passed Within 6 Month

Imagine, what effect it has on the children. The neurons simply don’t get enough time to connect. Children forget places, events, the family’s history. In a couple of years, they forget some of the family members whom they haven’t seen in a long time, or those who passed away. There aren’t even traditional photo albums anymore to remind them.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

We used to go to my grandfather’s bee farm out in the country. We’d travel out there on a bike with an extra seat, pedalling real quick. Grandma would feed us on a gallon of milk and home-made bread. When we arrived, we put leave milk in jars in the mountain river, so it would stay cool and wouldn’t go off. We ate freshly harvested honey with bread and drank milk. It was unforgettable.

When I was five, I was always convinced that my dad, when he came back from work in the evening, got bored while watching TV. That’s why I would always go to my room, grab some toys and deliberately break them. Then I’d bring them to my dad so he could fix him. I thought it made him happier…

Children will always have their family DNA, but what about family legacy? How can technology help us give our children your family history, how can it help preserve memories? We need to find ways to use all that technology for our own good and for the good of the next generations.


One of the reasons why children forget something is that they are not emotionally engaged with the object or the person. Written down stories, videos, photographs, and music associated with people or events can revive these memories.

So, here’s what you, as a parent, can do:

Start an online diary for your children, and give them access when they grow older. Write down funny and touching stories from when they were babies, add photographs with different family members, as well as scans of your children’s drawings, for example. Upload music that was memorable for your children at different times in their lives.


Use specialized apps like eye2eye or StoryWorth. Share your real self with your children. Those who build walls around their hearts and souls are not remembered – because nobody knows them. Tell the stories. How can we be remembered if we won’t allow ourselves to be known? These apps not only have all the necessary instruments to write down stories and record video and audio, they also help choosing the right theme and creating truly thrilling content to be remembered.

eye2eye storytelling for parents

Alternatively, you can start a Facebook account in your children’s names. Add memorable dates to the timeline, and tag your kids in family photographs. This way they can look through these albums later and see all the wonderful events and people that surrounded them throughout life.


Record videos of your kids, randomly or at special events at school or at family gatherings, and upload them on YouTube. You can make them both private, or public, and let your children watch and rewatch them on their birthdays for instance, share them with friends and family. To make it more interactive, have your kids record video messages for their future selves or distant family!

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