How to Choose the Perfect Gift For 6-12-year-olds

We all love getting nice presents. Kids especially love presents, as they can’t buy anything by themselves, and also who would say “no” to a new fancy toy, right?

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Can adults find and present the perfect gift? It’s always kind of sad when you spend ages choosing, pay big money, and the child only uses the present for 15 minutes to abandon it for all eternity. For years you look at that hyped up doll you got lying at the top shelf of the wardrobe, constantly reminding you about this mistake and money wasted.


At some point something like this has happened to all of us. Which is why we would like to talk about how to choose the right gift for a child in 2017. Kids are not what they used to be, when we were little, so remember:

  • Old methods don’t work anymore.
  • Sometimes kids know more about gadgets that we do.
  • For the new generations, material things lose value.

Now let’s get to the point. When choosing a present for anyone, be it an adult or a child, you have to ask yourself some questions to establish what exactly you are going to give this person. Think of the present as an act of communication, not just a useful (or not) item. Communication triggers emotions, and we all want the recipient of the present be happy about getting it.

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With the market overflowing with thousand of option, it’s difficult to find a fitting present for a modern child, which is why we compiled a list of questions that should help you.

1. Is there a special occasion for the present?

Usually, we give presents for birthdays or for Christmas, but a present for no reason can make a much bigger impression and the child will remember it longer.


2. Do you know for sure that the child wants this present?

When choosing a present for a child, think like one – choose something that the child would like, and not you. Since you can’t simply ask, you need hints. You can try looking through the search history or Youtube history on the child’s phone or tablet, these might give up some secrets.

3. Is it something new or an addition to an existing set or collection?

If the child loves Legos, or train models, or dolls, a new item in the collection will be gladly accepted. Be certain that the love for this sort of toys is still there. If you’re not the parent, ask the child’s parents, how long did it play with the previous items in the set.


4. Does it correspond with the child’s age?

Often we run ahead and give expensive present that are useless at this point (like Mindset). Or the other way around, we choose a present that would be outdated or not fitting in a couple of months, like way too expensive clothing for kids that grow up too fast.

5. Will this present help the child reach its goal?

This might sound difficult, but you will have to find out what the child is dreaming of, and find a present that will be useful not just today, but in some years to come. If it’s a gadget or a computer game, find out if it connects well with the already existing system, or it’s a standalone.


6. Is it a present that lasts or wears out?

There are tons of things that children love, but after some time they wear out or run out, like bubble gum shampoo. We may not think of them as such, but things like earphones, charging cables, phone cases or tablet sleeves can be expendables too!

7. Is there a story to go with the present?

Tell the child a story. Why did you decide to pick this present? What fun occurrence inspired you? How long did it take you to make up your mind? A present with a story instead of just “This is for you” is like a double present!

8. How often will the child be able to use this present?

Drones, hoverboards, or other outdoor equipment may look impressive, but also can end up lying in the closet waiting for too long to be used. Some parents may even find it too dangerous for their child.

9. Gift Card Option

On one hand, it’s a better option if you have problems deciding what to buy, but on the other hand, chances are the little birthday child won’t remember the present was yours… Instead, give the child a gift card and take it to choose the present on its own, like an adult! This should be fun and memorable, and will show the child how much you trust him or her with the choice.


10. Beware of doubles!

Find out what other guests are buying to avoid doubles. Or pitch in with someone else to buy a more expensive and valuable present.


11. Timeliness of the present

Something that was desired 6 months ago may not needed anymore. Children tend to change their minds and interests quite often. Find out if the gift is still wanted!


12. A present for both of you?

If you want to give the child not just a present, but you and your time to go with it, buy something that requires your participation in setting up and using or playing with it. But don’t give presents like these for other adults to handle – they don’t need it, and neither do you.

13. Hype or no hype?

Don’t buy hyped products, they will be forgotten the next day. The most important are the child’s interests, and not those of marketers and retailers.


If you answer these questions before buying a present, you most probably won’t waste your time and money and end up with a great present for the little one.  Don’t forget that the best present to a child are its parents love, attention and all the wonderful stories that will stay with the child for the rest of its life.

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Spark great conversations with your kids

How to convey values to your child?

Crave inspiring conversations with your child, but ran out of the topics?

Twice a week, you'll get a new question to provoke a fascinating conversation with your child.

These stories have COMPLETELY changed our bedtime conversations!

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